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Meet the Supportive Solutions Facilitators

We all know how important the work is behind the scenes of any business, but these are the real stars. The Supportive Solutions facilitators are the ones that ensure you deliver the highest quality of training possible. Each one has a varied background and vast experience that makes them specialists in their delivery areas.


Yes, we know you met him when we looked at the team behind the scenes, but Alastair's favourite place is to deliver training.

Alastair delivers the following courses both online and in-person, when possible:

  • Post-incident stress debrief

  • Stress management

  • Psychological first aid

  • Moving and handling train the trainer


Bianca facilitates a whole range of courses specifically designed for those working in the care sector. These include:

  • ABI (acquired brain injuries)

  • Autism

  • Stress & distress in dementia care

  • Food safety

  • MCA(Mental Capacity Act)

  • MND(motor neurone disease), PD (Parkinson Disease) and HD (Huntington Disease)

  • Pressure Ulcers

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Epilepsy

  • Sepsis

  • Falls prevention

  • Diabetes

Bianca shares all her favourite things with her pomeranian called Pom-Pom. She loves everything from eating “smoking bones “, drinking frothy milk and going on boat holidays!


As an ex-soldier in the British Army, Kevin has served in various locations both home and abroad. During his career, he was heavily involved in planning, coordinating and delivering various training programmes. He served for 4 years as one of the British Army’s training establishments, where he trained civilians to become soldiers.

Kevin is an experienced, adaptable, and enthusiastic professional with expertise in teaching, managing, planning and health and safety. With 30+ years of comprehensive experience developing exceptional relationships with clients, peers, and senior management of an organisation to achieve business objectives.

Kevin has superb teaching, leadership, and personal management skills with strong expertise in health and safety. With proven problem solving and analytical skills, and a fast-learning curve, he is able to adapt to new situations with ease. Kevin is a dedicated professional with the drive and skillset to excel, organised, conscientious and hard working with a flexible, positive and forward-thinking attitude.

Currently delivers the following subjects – First Aid (Outdoor, Forestry, Paediatric, Catastrophic Bleeding), Mental Health First Aid, Health & Safety, Fire and Manual Handling (Practical & Theory).


Patrizia is an experienced trainer with strong communication/interpersonal skills and has over 10 years of learning and development experience. She delivers mandatory and specialist training in Health and Social Care, First Aid, and Train the Trainer.

Patrizia has a great passion for teaching and helping individuals achieve their full potential and can engage with a wide-ranging audience either in person or remotely (e.g. via Zoom/Teams). She is confident when speaking in front of large groups, gained from classroom experience and takes great pride in delivering excellent customer service.

Patrizia is also PVG vetted.


David is a Health and Safety Consultant with a varied background in health and safety, risk control and reduction, management, plant maintenance, construction and training delivery. Working in various sectors, including Local Authority, Leisure, Construction, and Education.

He is a highly experienced trainer with strong communication skills, interpersonal skills, and organisational skills with an enthusiasm for learning and development. David is very motivated and likes to keep up to date in all his subject matters as well as technology advances. With the ability to deliver face-to-face training and remote virtual environment training through the use of Microsoft Team and Zoom. David is a dedicated professional who is adaptable with over 10 years of experience in the training environment.

David delivers specialist and mandatory training in all aspects of Health and Safety, Water Safety, and First Aid. He has a passion for getting individuals to perform to their highest standard and to strive for a safe working environment for all.


Carl is passionate and highly experienced in all aspects of Health and Safety and Training Delivery. Carl provides all construction-based training plus Iosh and Nebosh courses.


Allegra is an Empowerment coach specialising in mindfulness on a mission to awaken the world to the extraordinary potential that each of us holds within.

After over 20 years of experience teaching English and coaching all walks of people, from young children to adults in Italy, Allegra faced her own fears ending a 20-year marriage with five daughters with nothing to show but a car. She found the love of her life and partner and began creating her Transformational program, “The Higher You.”

Allegra has helped change the lives of many and is extremely passionate about empowering others to become the best version of themselves.

Allegra is going to be offering her exceptional expertise in Mindfulness to Supportive Solutions customers.


Amanda has been a Coach and therapist since 2007. She has extensive experience in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching, NLP, training workshops and facilitating groups at her practice Hunky Dory Life. Amanda is a specialist in confidence, stress management and personal performance, using a combination of sensitivity and humour to enthuse and empower people. She has worked with actors, musicians, top-level executives, charities and professionals across many business sectors.

Her interest in behaviour modification began during her 25-year career working with adults with a learning disability and/or autism who often displayed challenging behaviours. She researched different ways of modifying unhelpful and unwanted behaviours and, with this in mind, changed career and studied to become a therapist, coach and trainer.

Amanda will be helping Alastair facilitate and develop the post-incident stress debrief course as well as developing new courses.


Lauren runs her own business called Connect Mental Health. She has delivered MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) for just under a year now and really believes in the programme. It really helped Lauren turn her life around as she looks towards returning to university in September to become a Mental Health Nurse.

Lauren is working alongside Supportive Solutions to deliver MHFA and Suicide First Aid (Understanding Suicide Interventions).


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