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Mental Health & Well-Being

Specialists in Mental Health at Work

Our bespoke mental health and well-being programs empower organisations to effectively identify and address mental health challenges. By implementing evidence-based strategies, we enable employers to foster an atmosphere where employees feel valued, supported, and uplifted.


Our innovative approach involves equipping employers with the necessary tools and knowledge to create a supportive workplace culture.

Promoting mental health awareness and reducing stigma surrounding mental health are important steps towards fostering a more inclusive and understanding workplace. It's crucial to acknowledge the diversity and complexity of mental health experiences and strive for a more compassionate and supportive approach to mental well-being.


Mental health is a complex and nuanced topic that cannot be reduced to simple categorisations or a binary understanding. It encompasses a wide range of experiences, conditions, and variations that differ from person to person.

Bespoke mental health and wellbeing courses offer several benefits compared to standardised or general programs. Here are some key advantages:

The benefits of bespoke training


Bespoke mental health courses consider the unique context and environment in which they will be implemented. This ensures that the training is aligned with your organisation’s culture, industry, and specific challenges. It helps participants relate the course content to their daily lives and work, increasing the likelihood of practical application and sustainable behaviour change.

Targeted outcomes:

By customising the course content, objectives, and learning activities, bespoke programs can target specific outcomes. Whether the goal is to enhance stress management, improve resilience, foster positive workplace culture, or address particular mental health concerns, these courses can be designed to achieve the desired outcomes effectively.

Better participation:

When the material resonates with their experiences and addresses their concerns, individuals are more likely to actively participate and stay engaged throughout the learning process. This can lead to better retention of information and increased motivation to apply the knowledge and skills learned.

Confidentiality and trust:

In bespoke courses, participants often feel more comfortable discussing sensitive mental health topics within their trusted community. Knowing that the training is tailored specifically for their organisation or group creates a sense of confidentiality and safety. This can encourage open and honest dialogue, allowing individuals to address their challenges more openly and seek appropriate support.


While bespoke mental health courses may require initial investment for customisation, they can be more cost-effective in the long run. By focusing on specific needs, the training can address core issues efficiently, reducing the risk of broader mental health problems that might lead to absenteeism, decreased productivity, or increased turnover. Ultimately, investing in targeted mental health and wellbeing training can lead to improved overall performance and well-being within an organisation.

Case Study

Case Study - The Kitchin Group

Supportive Solutions worked with the Kitchin Group to develop appropriate training, to foster an environment of inclusivity and respect. We developed a bespoke program of training, with a customised and comprehensive approach to develop a workplace culture that valued employee mental health, by celebrating respect and self-awareness. 

Several aspects made it different:

1. Tailored to the specific needs: The training was developed based on a deep understanding of the challenges encountered by the Kitchin Group. We collaborated closely with the Kitchin Group to gain insights and create a training program that directly addressed their concerns.

2. Focus on mental well-being: We placed a high value on the mental well-being of employees and recognising the importance of fostering a positive work environment.

3. Holistic approach: We covered four essential areas—communication skills, anti-bullying and harassment, emotional intelligence, and mental health awareness. By encompassing these key aspects, the training provided a comprehensive and holistic approach to personal development, allowing participants to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

4. Inclusivity and respect: A core emphasis of the program was on creating an environment of inclusivity and respect. The training aimed to foster empathy, respect, and positive relationships among peers, with a particular focus on combating bullying and harassment.



Kitchin Group Logo

Thank you, Alastair, not only for your presentation but mainly for your style of presentation and personal involvement in the Kitchin Group – working with all personnel and grasping what it takes to run our business on a day-to-day basis.


I could tell from staff reactions that you were not seen as an external lecturer, but as a colleague, which is a great testimony to your attitude and genuinely warm feeling for all team members

Ron Kitchin
The Kitchin Group

Transform your workplace

Together, let's create a workplace where mental health is valued, stigma is shattered, and productivity soars. Explore our services and resources today to embark on this transformative journey.


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