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SVQ 2 Social Services
Children and Young People
at SCQF Level 6


SVQ 2 Social Services (Children and Young People) at SCQF Level 6


The SVQ 2 Social Services (Children and Young People) at SCQF Level 6 is a work-based qualification. The qualification demonstrates competence in job-related skills and has been designed in partnership with the Sector Skills Council, Skills for Care and Development to ensure relevance to the sector.

SVQ 2 Social Services (Children and Young People) at SCQF Level 6 Overview

The course is ideal for people, working as support workers and practitioners in early years settings and/or residential/day-care for children and young people. who are looking to gain a formal qualification.  The course is designed for learners who already work in this environment but are usually fully supervised in their day-to-day work.

What will I study?

Mandatory Units

You will complete four mandatory units, which are the same for every candidate regardless of whether they work in a residential setting, care at home setting or supported living services and regardless of the type of service, such as care of the elderly, support for mental ill-health, learning disability.

These units reflect core values and ethics which are expected to be demonstrated by every worker. 

  • Support Effective Communication 

  • Support the Health and Safety of Yourself and Individuals 

  • Support the Safeguarding of Children

  • Develop your own Knowledge and Practice


Optional Units

You will select two optional units from a wide range. Your assessor can  help you choose, based upon your work setting and your role.


There is a wide range of optional units.  You will be guided by your assessor to select the optional units based on your work setting and their role.

Can I study individual units?

Yes, of course you can. It’s a great way to update Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plans, as you can evidence competence in a new role. 

How will I be assessed?

To gain the SVQ 2 Social Services (Children and Young People) at SCQF Level 6 you will complete 4 mandatory and 2 optional units.  

Assessment will be in the form of reflective accounts which evidence your knowledge, and practical and observed assignments.  

Your assessor provides constructive feedback every time evidence is submitted by a candidate, and you will work together to formulate plans providing clear direction for the assignment.

Your assessor confirms achievement when all evidence requirements are fully met and then the portfolio of evidence is verified at the assessment centre. This is a mandatory quality assurance process determined by the awarding body, SQA.

Are there any limits for assessment?

No, assessment is formative, which means, ongoing until the requirements are fully satisfied. There is no limit to the number of times evidence is assessed and no set number of pieces of evidence required.

What support will I receive?

Supportive Solutions will fully support you throughout the course. You will be allocated a dedicated assessor, who will be your main point of contact throughout the course.  Your assessor will support you in building your portfolio of evidence to demonstrate your knowledge and competence.

At your induction meeting, your assessor will spend time with you to go through the course requirements and outline the steps you will need to take.  You’ll be provided with an induction booklet, that acts as an additional point of guidance. Your assessor will chat with you about study skills and provide advice on assessment techniques. 

We’ll work with you to make sure you get the most out of your vocational training.  Through undertaking an SVQ, you’ll gain an understanding of what areas of your job you do really well, and what areas may require a little more thought. 

You’ll be allocated a dedicated assessor, who will guide you through the requirements and will be set a timetable of meetings, that can be face to face or virtual.  You’ll have an induction session and be provided with an induction booklet, that outlines the course and provides extra information and handy hints and tips for successfully completing the course.

Entry requirements

SVQ 2 Social Services (Children and Young People) at SCQF Level 6

You need meet the following criteria:

  • Employed within a social care setting, working with children and young people.

  • Minimum of 6 months experience within the social care sector

  • Support of a manager to undertake the award

  • There are no formal academic requirements

Unsure if you meet the entry criteria, or if the course is right for you?


Upon successful completion of this course, you will achieve a recognised, fully accredited qualification SVQ 2 Social Services (Children and Young People) at SCQF Level 6.

SVQ 2 Social Services (Children and Young People) at SCQF Level 6 is ideal if you want to progress to an SVQ 3 Social Services (Children and Young People) at SCQF level 7.

SVQ 2 Social Services & Healthcare Level 6  £ 1050.00

Single module option £225.00

All pricing excludes VAT


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