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Mental Health and Well-Being

Specialists in Mental Health at Work

Enhancing Mental Health and Well-being in the workplace lies at the very essence of Supportive Solutions' mission. We are committed to fostering a work environment that prioritises and promotes mental well-being.

Our comprehensive training equips your workforce with the tools to manage stress, enhance their work-life balance, and will help to address any mental health challenges.


By investing in mental health training, you will -


  • Break down the stigma and increased awareness of mental health issues, creating a more empathetic and understanding work environment, where individuals feel comfortable discussing their mental health concerns without fear of judgment or discrimination.

  • Improve employee well-being by creating a supportive healthier work environment

  • Improve manager confidence in addressing mental health issues rather than feeling uncertain or uninformed.

  • Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism by providing coping strategies to help employees address and manage their mental health concerns effectively.

  • Attract and retain top talent. Employees value workplaces that prioritise their well-being and provide a supportive environment. 

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Mental Health Training for Businesses

Discover the transformative benefits of implementing mental health training in your workplace. Prioritise your employees' well-being and create a supportive environment that fosters productivity, engagement, and loyalty. 

We provide comprehensive mental health awareness training workshops designed to empower your employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to eliminate stigma and effectively handle mental health challenges in their professional roles. By enhancing their working lives, our program contributes to the overall success and prosperity of organisations.


Our mental health workshops can be conveniently delivered either online or in person, and are complemented by supportive e-learning resources. 

Our Courses

Mental Health First Aid


Stressed Woman

Post Incident Stress Debrief and Psychological First Aid


Bespoke Mental Health Courses

Transform your workplace

Together, let's create a workplace where mental health is valued, stigma is shattered, and productivity soars. Explore our services and resources today to embark on this transformative journey.

Committed to Delivering Exceptional Mental Health Training

Supportive Solutions' founder, Alastair Robertson, witnessed first-hand the lack of support for Prison Officers facing traumatic events like suicides during his time at the Scottish Prison Service. Motivated by this realisation, he established Supportive Solutions with a mission to bridge this gap.

With a Master’s degree in Psychology & Mental Health, Alastair brings a remarkable depth of knowledge and expertise to our organisation. Since 2016, Supportive Solutions has been unwavering in its commitment to delivering exceptional support for employees' mental health and overall well-being.

Partner with us, and let Supportive Solutions unlock the power of comprehensive mental health support for your workforce. Together, we can cultivate a healthier and more resilient work environment that prioritises the well-being of your employees.

To find out more about how we can help you change the culture around mental health in your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our Clients

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Mental Health First Aid | Gleneagles Townhouse | Victoria  Cochrane, Head Bartender

"This course is so important and insightful. The open discussion format catered beautifully to my learning style, and the supplemental materials were easy to read and understand. More people should take this course."
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