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Safeguarding Lead (Level 4)

This Designated Safeguarding Officer course is suitable for anyone who works frequently with children and who holds a management, supervisory or designated child protection role in settings such as schools, universities, charities, places of worship, sports clubs, leisure centres and GP and healthcare practices.  The course is suitable for anyone wishing to understand the responsibilities of the Designated Safeguarding Officer so that they can become a safeguarding officer for their company or assist those who already hold the position.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the safeguarding structure and feel more confident in recognising which level of support a child needs.

  • Have knowledge of the law, policies and guidance documents that contribute towards best safeguarding practice.

  • Understand what your roles and responsibilities are as the Designated Safeguarding Officer.

  • Know how to recognise and respond to abuse appropriately and efficiently, keeping the child as the central focus and ensuring that disclosures from children are handled sensitively.

  • Understand how best to respond to children's differing levels of need under the safeguarding structure, from conducting an Early Help Assessment through to contacting social care.

  • Know when it's appropriate to share information and how to take action should you disagree with actions or decisions made.

  • Understand the importance of recording information and continuing to be involved in the process after a referral.

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