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Grievance & Disciplinary

This Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures Training Course is designed to help managers and employers ensure that they have a fair and consistent disciplinary procedure in their workplace.  By the end of the training, learners will know how to ensure both minor and gross misconduct are handled appropriately, how to conduct an appropriate investigation and disciplinary hearing, and understand the different penalties that employees can be given. Learners will also understand what happens when an employee appeals a decision or takes the company to an Employment Tribunal.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Know why having disciplinary and grievance procedures are essential for their business.

  • Understand what needs to be included in a disciplinary procedure and be able to give examples of minor misconduct, serious misconduct and gross misconduct.

  • Understand what happens during an investigation and disciplinary hearing.

  • Be aware of the different penalties that employees may receive, including first and final warnings and dismissal.

  • Understand what constitutes unfair dismissal.

  • Know what happens when an employee appeals a decision or makes a claim to an Employment Tribunal.

Number of sessions:

Each session length (hrs):

Maximum attendees:




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