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Fire Awareness

This Fire Safety training course teaches you about the fire risks in work premises and what safety measures should be in place to control them. It explains everyone’s legal responsibilities, the common causes of fires, how to prevent them, what fire safety arrangements are necessary, and the importance of following emergency procedures.  Having an awareness of fire safety in the workplace is crucial, not only for complying with the law but for keeping people safe. It’s everyone’s duty to help prevent fires from starting and to know how to evacuate safely if necessary. The knowledge you gain from this course enables you to meet these requirements in your workplace.

Course Learning Outcomes:

•    What causes fires and how to prevent them.

•    What the law requires of businesses regarding fire safety.

•    How to help minimise fire safety risks, for example, through good housekeeping.

•    What type of detection and warning systems should be in place at your work place premises.

•    The different types of fire safety signs that workplaces should have.

•    How to ensure your evacuation routes and exits remain effective at all times.

•    Your workplace evacuation strategy.

•    What to do during an evacuation.

•    The importance of personal emergency evacuation plans and fire drills.

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