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Eating Disorders

This Eating Disorders Awareness training will give learners an introduction to eating disorders and is suitable of professionals working in a variety of healthcare sectors. This course has been developed so that learners leave with a strong foundation in how eating disorders work, why recovery is so difficult, as well as practical advice on the sources of help. The course will help attendees learn about the fundamental issues surrounding the illnesses. It is ideal for anyone working with or supporting an individual who has any eating disorder.

Course Learning Outcomes:

•    Different Eating Disorder types

•    What recovery means with regards to Eating Disorders

•    Signs and symptoms

•    Causes and risks

•    Sources of help

•    Key facts and figures

•    Insights into support tools used with Eating Disorder clients

•    Resources and contacts

Number of sessions:

Each session length (hrs):

Maximum attendees:




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