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Dysphagia & IDDSI

Difficulty eating (dysphagia) is a common consequence of many medical conditions especially neurological disorders such as: dementia, stroke, learning disability, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. Dysphagia not only impacts on the quality of peoples’ lives but it can also shorten them. This course will equip you to: reduce the risk of choking, spot the signs early, deliver the essential first aid and help prevent further episodes. This course is for anybody, who wants to help those with swallowing difficulties to: stay safe, well-nourished and dignified during mealtimes.

Course Learning Outcomes:

•    the anatomy involved in swallowing

•    the mechanics of swallowing in action

•    Recognising when somebody has difficulty eating

•    a simple water test to ascertain safety of client

•    when and how to refer to specialist services

•    an advantageous environment to support adequate nutrition

•    how to position people to enable them to eat and drink safely

•    the issues in maintaining peoples’ dignity during mealtimes

•    the alternatives to oral feeding

•    the first aid for dealing with a person who is choking

Number of sessions:

Each session length (hrs):

Maximum attendees:




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