Psychological First Aid and Stress Management

This training programme aims to facilitate an appreciation of the complex range of symptoms that a person can experience when stressed whilst also examining the reasons why people experience and deal with stress differently.

It will enable learners to recognise and manage their own stress through a range of validated techniques that build both resilience and improve adaptive coping.

This programme includes content on: understanding stress and an individual’s response to stressful situations, coping with stress, stress at work, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, stress, negative thinking and psychological first aid.

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Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Define what stress is

  • Explain what is meant by stress and work-related stress

  • Identify the symptoms of stress

  • Explain the typical causes of stress in the workplace and at home

  • Undergo a stress risk assessment

  • Understand the importance of controlling stress and know how to cope with stress when it arises

  • Identify what changes can be made in the workplace and at home in order to deal with the causes and effects of stress

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