Moving And Handling Training

Moving and Handling Training: Keeping Your Employees and Your Clients Safe

You know that you ask a lot of your employees, and one of their toughest tasks can be getting your clients where they need to be. Our moving and handling training provides your employees with the knowledge they need so that they can safely get clients from one place to another, whether that means moving them from their bed into a chair, or from one room to another.

Your employees' safety is a top priority, and we teach them how to lift and move in a way that keeps their backs and joints safe. We know that moving and handling training can sometimes feel repetitive, and we strive to keep our training up to date so that it never feels stale. We understand that moving and handling training is a box that you need to check to keep your business in compliance, but we work to keep our training fresh and new so that it doesn't feel like something that simply needs to be checked off. After our moving and handling training for your Kilsyth, Glasgow, UK company, your employees will understand how to move patients safely and effectively, minimizing everyone's risk of injury.