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Mental Health Awareness

In the UK, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem at any one time, including in the workplace. Many employers and managers simply don’t understand enough about the topic and so can do little to help, which often results in a person’s mental health deteriorating.  This training course has been designed as an introduction to mental health to raise an awareness of how important it is to the workplace. The course provides an overview of mental health problems, outlining some of the symptoms and effects, and explains what you can do to help colleagues feel supported and encouraged. The course aims to promote positive mental health and demonstrate how easy it can be for employers to make adjustments in order to encourage tolerance and understanding in the workplace.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • What is meant by 'mental health’?

  • The legal responsibilities that employers have in regards to mental health.

  • Some of the most common mental health problems.

  • Ways in which people can manage their individual mental health to make everyday living easier.

  • How to support a colleague with a mental health problem in the workplace.

  • How to promote a healthy, non-discriminatory working environment.

  • The workplace adjustments that can be made to help an employee with a mental health problem.

Number of sessions:

Each session length (hrs):

Maximum attendees:




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