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Health & Safety Inc COSHH & Risk Assessment

A thorough understanding of health and safety is essential in all workplaces, regardless of job role and industry. This Health and Safety course ensures that you understand the most common health and safety risks in your workplace and the control measures that are needed to keep you safe.  The course covers the most crucial aspects of health and safety that are present in every workplace, such as manual handling, COSHH, working at height, and fire and electrical safety. It also explains the necessary components of workplace welfare, including workplace stress and conflict.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Have knowledge of key health and safety topics and how to ensure good practice within them.

  • Understand the responsibilities of employers and employees under health and safety legislation.

  • Understand the importance of, and the key factors in, undertaking a risk assessment to prevent and control hazards.

  • Know the hazards and ill health effects associated with specific work activities and processes.

  • Know how to identify hazardous substances in the workplace.

  • Understand the ill-health effects that hazardous substances can cause.

  • Understand COSHH legal regulations, including the responsibilities of employers and employees.

Number of sessions:

Each session length (hrs):

Maximum attendees:




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