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Child protection/Safeguarding Children Level 3

This training course aims to help the learner understand how to identify factors that could harm the children in our home and education communities and how to safeguarding them from further harm.  The course is suitable for Individuals, groups and allied professions working with vulnerable adults and as a component of continuous professional development.  

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • gain knowledge and understanding of child abuse issues

  • have an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of agencies

  • gain an understanding of child protection procedures

  • become aware of, and be alert to signs of child abuse

  • maintain a focus on the child and safeguarding while recognizing the varying complexities in different families and the needs of parents / carers

  • be confident in making effective referrals

  • respond to identified local learning needs in relation to safeguarding and child protection

  • engage in supervision for the safeguarding of children

Number of sessions:

Each session length (hrs):

Maximum attendees:




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